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loan part two

May 21st, 2007 at 10:47 am

After the comments I've gotten on my last post, and feedback I've gotten from others, I've decided to not do the Citibank loan. However, I'm going to possibly attempt to get a bank loan to consolidate my credit card debt. I have a family trust at a bank where I think this might be possible. Also, I am working two jobs. My income is about 50,000 including income from my trust. And my credit score is between 675-701, depending on which agency you use to view it. I am thinking of waiting till I get my raises in July to apply though so I will have more income to show. I have $50,000 (approximately) in cc debt so I know I may not be able to get enough to pay all of it but I figure I can wipe out the high interest rate cards first. Does anyone have any feedback about this?

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